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It was from humble beginnings that ZK Restaurant began. This “Tai Chow” was started as small Chinese road side stall at Jalan San Peng, Pudu, with a mere 20 small tables seating of approximately 30 pax at one time.

There are many shophouses and low cost flats in this area, so the frequent customers are mainly families and young students, and occasionally the commuters from the nearby Pudu LRT station, ordering takeaways for their dinner.

ZK is quite hidden, among the small roadside stalls that it operates. However, ZK began to gain popularity due to ZK’s signature dishes that are displayed around the stall in pictures and text, and soon customers grew as there were constantly new and improvised dishes being introduced every now and then.

You can experience the authentic culture of a Malaysian “Tai Chow” with the soft and pleasant full ambience of a roadside stall, under the cooling zinc metal sheeting roof, with the natural rhythms of the bustling city centre life. Forming a very atmospheric roadside dining environment.

Constantly facing the heat of the our hot climate and the rising temperature of a roadside kitchen, Chef Soh embraces his culinary lab everyday with pure excitement, and still enjoys it every day. He only wishes to serve the public well and provide everyone with his sincere taste of evolving Chinese cuisine. The diverse aromas in this lively environment are simple materials with various ingredients and fusion-like cooking philosophy.

The dishes are served with fascinating plating methods, full of colour, fragrances and sometimes with a bit razz and jazz of extravaganza for his customers’ delight. You can experience Instagram-worthy dishes, as Chef Soh believes that his culinary should not only nourishes the tongue, but also your eyes and nose as well. Chef Soh believes also, that culinary arts is for everyone, young and old, and to all ranges in the socio-economic ladder.

ZK dishes are for people from all walks of life, and Chef Soh would rather make fewer profits but gain quick turnover of his tables to serve the various people who supported him.

Chef Soh once worked as chef-apprentice in a well-established restaurant chain before taking over ZK Restaurant. What he gain from the experience, was the ability to innovate and create new and exciting signature dishes to advance himself from just an ordinary “Tai Chow” to be more versed as a fine dining Chinese Cuisine, minus the fancy flair of décor and posh ambience and high range of pricing.

Signature dishes such as Smooth Sailing, a tableful of goodies furnished with a massive Chinese boat of cuisine wishing every one smooth and prosperity fortune in their endeavours, with dishes of lushes abalone, scallops, prawns and variety.

Chef Soh believes that his menu should always be evolving constantly, innovating and in his own creations, to excite and entice his past, present and future customers to continue to support his passion.

Anyone who has patronized ZK would be able to affirm that its dishes are well affordable and of good taste and quality. ZK’s dishes are cooked with great detail and care, outstanding taste, and picturesque plating, so that it attracts families and young people from near and far.

The operators of ZK Restaurant are of two brothers, working side by side with one in the kitchen and the other in the front end of the business. This unstoppable dynamism is key to their success, and has allowed ZK restaurant to improve and expand now to about 70 tables, with 3 indoor air-conditioned dining for the pleasure of its customers.

So do come, take a look at ZK’s google reviews, gander at their exciting dishes, and spend some delightful evenings with your friends and family for special occasions or just a normal every day dinner.